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The Wages of Sin Is Death

But the Gift of God is Eternal Life in Christ Jesus Our Lord

D Bo
27 April
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Our hucker who hurls through heaven.
Hallowed be thy backhand
Thy cut will come, thy man will launch
From earth on flights through the heavens.
Give us this day our daily huck,
And forgive us our dog-tired legs,
As we forgive those who play tough D against us.
Lead us not into dry spots,
But throw it towards the tall grass,
For thou art the hucker,
And I am open,
So send it.

I'm somewhat of a self-proclaimed neo-hippy who plays too much frisbee, enjoys the company of good people, doesn't eat meat, avoids conflict as much as possible, loves music, dabbles in environmental activism, and reads a lot.

Check out my book journal at thebibliophil.
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